As soon as I see her I know this is going to be a special evening. We both love our conversations. About travelling, about art. About good food, about books and about exhibitions. About the past, about us. Here we are in exactly the right atmosphere. The restaurant is filled with thousands of sounds. It is almost like an LP on repeat mode with people bustling and glasses that rinkel, all blending in smoothly on the beat of the music. The perfect surrounding for a good conversation. We start off with a glass of wine. And share the oysters. We always have so much to talk about. I take the veal, that sounds cosy. And of course she takes the rib-eye. ‘I am a carnivoor’ she says to the waiter.

He smiles and suggests a matching wine for her dish. The light is warm, almost vibrant. The chefs in the kitchen are balancing their heavy black pans above the burning stoves. Her eyes sparkle. At Willems everything is authentic. From real butter to the homemade peppermints. Everything smells delicious. The freshly baked bread. The olive oil. She. Pure food. That is what this is. That is what we stand for. Another bottle of wine and a cheese platter to finish it of. We do not have to go anywhere else, not even for a cup of coffee. We want to taste and experience everything here at Willems. We just had dinner. Honest and pure. That was all we asked for.